Benjamin Williams

I seem to be late to life and everything. But I want to start to share my journey into discovering photography and art.

“That did not come out like I thought it would in my head”

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Fotografia de gran formato, 20x25 (8x10”), large format photography from Ledicia Audiovisual on Vimeo.
Lúis Plácido nos muestra como hace y revela por contacto una fotografía en 20x25, todo un arte que cada vez menos gente practica.
Datos técnicos:
WISTA 8x10 Cherrywood Large Format Field Camera
Nikkor-M 450mm F9 lens
Sekonic lightmeter
Kodak Tri-X pan professional sheet film (expired 1990!!!)
Fomalux SP 111 contact FB paper ( FOTO-R3 Spain´s photo supplier)
Kodak T-55 selenium toner

another attempt at watercolor painting. this is kind of awesome fun.
I keep my art going by whatever means possible.

day one to day two improvements. watercolor painting is interesting. 

Day two with watercolors. This time I watched a video. I might be getting there 😊


Creative Thinking

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This is what my weekends consist of, what did you do?

First day with watercolor paint!!!

Do you ever catch yourself singing to a song and really getting into it only to realize it is a song you hate? Damn those catchy songs!!!