Benjamin Williams

I seem to be late to life and everything. But I want to start to share my journey into discovering photography and art.

I got more shelves and finally am able to display my collections!!

more drawing, then more painting, and ever more drawing :)

August 1st I drew the first picture. Today 7 days later I drew the second picture. Steady progress, but I find face shading very hard.

beamer81 said: Darkrooms and film are pretty much the coolest. But I am glad I had digital cameras to learn on.


Oh of course, digital is a great thing no doubt, but doing darkroom and film is such a more personal and sentimental process in my opinion. Even though it’s becoming a dying art with the digital age we’re in, it will always be my favorite.

i can’t help all of this drawing. it makes me smile. while the bottom two pictures when compared aren’t perfect it is still impressive to know i can do this just by looking at something :)

I spent today learning how to draw and had a eureka moment. The top two pictures were copied by drawing while looking at the picture upside down.

The second two pictures I drew while looking at my hand. That is when I eurekaed. Exciting times ahead!!!

there is nothing quite like seeing prints hanging to dry in your bathroom :)

what-if-life-is-just-a-dream said: Your artwork is amazing. I love it all. Keep on doing what your doing!

Awe, thank you so very much. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon and this will help me keep going that much longer. 😊

As embarrassing as this is I’m still going to share it. I need a lot more practice at real life drawing. 😳😬

I have just moved 1300 miles from home. And I wrote my dad a letter. Next will be my mom if I can keep from crying 😌💦